How well do you know this rock ‘n’ roll pioneer? Take the Buddy Holly quiz

Considering the influence he had on rock music, it is shocking to think that Buddy Holly was only 22 when he died. Well, in honour of this rock ‘n roll pioneer, we have put together a Buddy Holly quiz. Can you answer all 10 questions correctly? Take the quiz to find out! Good luck.

Quiz #5

Which famous band's name was inspired by The Crickets?
Which of the following guitars did Buddy play?
Who wasn't killed with Buddy in the fateful February 2nd 1959 plane crash?
What was Buddy's birth name?
Buddy had many hit songs; however, only one made it to #1. Which song was it?
How long did Buddy's career last as an established recording artist?
Buddy was named by Rolling Stone Magazine in its top 100 guitarists list. How did he rank?
Which instrument did Waylon Jennings play in Buddy's post-Crickets band?
What was the original title of Buddy's song 'Peggy Sue'?
Who was the Crickets' rhythm guitarist?
Quiz #5
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