How well do you know the Stones? Take our Rolling Stones quiz

We couldn’t call ourselves a guitar magazine if we didn’t cover the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world. So, here you go: our Rolling Stones quiz. How well do you know the Stones? Take the quiz to find out.

Quiz #6

What is the name of the strange guitar Brian Jones often played?
Which band did Mick Taylor play for before joining the Stones?
What guitar tuning is Keith Richards famous for?
Who played drums at the first gig the band played as the Rollin' Stones?
Dick Taylor was a founding member of the Stones. What instrument did he play?
Who provided the amazing co-vocals on Gimme Shelter?
Which blues man inspired the name Rolling Stones?
On which album did Ron Wood make his debut?
How does Keith Richards describe the interaction between Ron Wood and himself?
On which Rolling Stones album did Mick Jagger first play guitar?
Quiz #6
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