How well do you know rock’s greatest guitarist? Take the Jimi Hendrix quiz

This week, on November 27, it was Jimi Hendrix’s birthday. To honour the greatest rock guitarist of all time, we have put together this quiz. How well do you know Hendrix? Take the Jimi Hendrix quiz to find out. Good luck!

Quiz #4

What was Jimi's birth name?
What brand of amplifier was Jimi most known for?
Jimi's paternal grandmother was part native American Indian. Of which tribe?
True or false: Jimi wrote a screenplay called "Moon Dust"?
What did Jimi call his music?
Who wrote the well-know Hendrix song "All along the watchtower'?
In which US city was Jimi born?
What was Jimi's occupation in the military?
By the time Jimi payed at Woodstock, The Experience had broken up. What was the name of the band Jimi played with at the legendary music festival?
Jimi's manager, Chas Chandler, had played bass in which famous British band?
Quiz #4
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